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Our Mission

To Extend a Helping Hand to the Underprivileged and Those Who Serve Them.

Who We Serve

Charles Grant has been providing emergency assistance to families, singles, and expectant women of Loudoun County and its surrounding areas since 1969.

Charles Grant Charities carries that tradition forward.

Understanding Homelessness in Loudoun and its Surrounding Counties 

Many find it difficult to understand how counties, typically referred to as "affluent," can have people experience a housing crisis, or, quite literally, homelessness. 


When you take into effect that Loudoun and many of its surrounding counties have a high cost of living and a lack of affordable housing, the fog begins to lift.  It becomes easier to see how any number of life scenarios can upset even the best laid plans.  Consider these...

  • You've moved here to accept a better paying job only to realize that although you are working full-time, you still cannot sustain the level of pay needed to afford housing.  

  • You've [insert any of the folllowing]

        - been laid off

        - found yourself getting divorced

        - suffered a traumatic accident/event 


The list of incidents is endless, and sadly, many people/families are just one paycheck away from a housing crisis.


When the Unthinkable Happens, We Seek to Provide...

Understanding, Care and Concern;

A Helping Hand

It has been said that kindness is being present.  When someone is down on their luck, a smile; eye contact; listening and responding thoughtfully/ respectfully; sharing positive thoughts, experiences and ideas; and encouraging them to keep moving forward; these are all gifts of kindness.


Temporary Financial Assistance

In partnership with Social and Church services, we are able to provide resources/referrals for cash assistance and work services.  These services are often able to assist with basic needs (rent, utilities, etc.) while an individual works toward becoming self-sufficient. 

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

Poverty Prevention

With the help of our partners in and around Loudoun county, we provide those who are struggling to stay above the poverty line with the tools they need to improve their situation. 


Workforce Development Programs

Our programs are intended to provide services that help individuals enter and advance in the workplace. We offer training and education, job placement assistance, and we work with local employers to help recruit and train individuals so that they look to us for skilled labor.

Donation Boxes

Food and Clothing for Men, Women and Children

No one should ever go hungry or insufficiently clothed.  That's why we, in partnership with many local services, ensure that people in need have the food, clothing and necessities they need to survive until their situation has improved.

Painting Wall

Jobs for Unemployed Adults

In partnership with local businesses, we are often able to help individuals looking for employment, find permanent jobs, or part-time work to help sustain them. In turn, we assist employers with recruitment and training to ensure the candidates we present are ready for work.

Judge's Table
Medical Team

Referrals for Legal, Medical, and/or Other Fields

Medical providers, lawyers, and other Social Service providers are often needed to help low-income families who face legal problems related to their basic needs such as housing and income.  We provide referrals to professionals who, like us, wish to make a positive impact on  the lives of others.


Promoting Spiritual Guidance

People who are down on their luck, often seek spiritual guidance.  We offer an optional Bible Study, that supports all people in need, regardless of race, religion or creed.  We are firmly rooted in the belief that - We are our brother's keeper. 

Ongoing Plans

Plans for Our Future

Purchase a Building

The Charles Grant Charities plans to purchase a building to house administrative offices, a Day Center, and a Thrift Store.

Day Center

Once we have purchased a building, we have plans to create a "Day Center."  A place where guests may receive mail, take a shower, and have access to a telephone, internet, case management and laundry facilities.

Remain Debt Free

Our Board of Directors is determined to keep this ministry debt free, so that we can continue helping those in need

Solicit Volunteers

We will continue to solicit people with diverse talents to help us raise funds for the development and operation of our office and shelter facilities

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