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In times of crisis...

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We assist those in need at all times of the day and night from various places: Social Services, police departments, mental health facilities, Dulles International Airport (political refugees), hospital emergency rooms, drug treatment facilities and Church referrals.

About Us

Who Is Charles Grant Charities?

Our founder, Charles Grant, has been helping families of Loudoun County and surrounding areas since 1969.  Charles Grant Charities is carrying that tradition forward.

We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that works closely with churches, community, businesses and civic organizations.

We provide emergency assistance for families, singles and expectant women (including food, clothing, transportation, job referrals, children’s programs, etc.).

Our Board of Directors is comprised of business professionals and local clergy.

Who Is Charles Grant?

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From Helltown to Heaven is the inspirational story of an extraordinary paster, Charlie Grant, who hailed from Mount Pleasant, Pa. - a place that in its rowdier days was once called Helltown.

Many who have known Charles "Charlie" Grant personally call him a saint.  Others say that he is a larger-than-life local legend.  If you ask Charlie, though, he will tell you that he is just a man.  A man who is extremely thankful for all the things God has used him, by His Grace, to accomplish.


To learn about Charlie's life experiences, and the impact he has had on the people in and around Loudoun County, we encourage you to read his autobiography, "From Helltown to Heaven... and all the stops in between". 


This book is not for sale.  Instead, it is our gift to anyone who graciously donates fifty dollars or more through this site.  All donations are one-hundred-percent tax-deductible and will go a long way toward helping the underserved.


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Charles Grant Charities

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Sterling, VA 20167

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